3 Steps to Getting Fit

Three Steps To Fitness Success

Ever wanted to get fit, but didn’t know where to start?

There are three common steps to success in achieving any of your goals, but these become particualry relevant when it comes to fitness;

1st Step

Just thinking about trying something new such as Getting Fit is the 1stphase, we call it pre-contemplation or the thought process. This proves that the ‘WANT’ is there.

2nd Step

Making the first move- Finding out about a class, buying a fitness DVD, joining a sports club or even driving to one of our gyms is an important part of the process, as it means you have made a mental decision and are acting upon it.

The next step is where you can really push your will power and drive to break your old habits:

3rd Step.

Practising and progressing through a Training program or just turning up regularly to your training sessions or games. It is this regular commitment that will get the results you are looking for.

After you have completed these simple steps you will be wondering why you didn’t start sooner!

The challenge then becomes in continuing your fitness program. To help you get motivated and stay motivated ask yourself the following questions:

Can you remember when YOU were in your ideal physical condition? Where YOU wanted to be physically?


Imagine how YOU will feel to be in the shape YOU have dreamt of?

These will either be feelings that you have felt before, or totally new to you. Either can be used as a driving tool.

Another great way to stay motivated is having a specific goal. If you’ve got a distance you would like to run, a Size/Weight/Shape or a piece of clothing you have wanted to wear but found that you can’t, you can use this as your Motivator- “The Get up and Go” for your training sessions. Each training session is a step closer.

By joining a sports team or gym and getting fit, you will feel the benefits throughout your everyday life: increased self esteem, increased energy levels and most of all an increased level of health; physically and mentally are just some of effects you can expect.

Training can be fun, whether you decide to go it alone with some jogging, joining a gym and hiring a Personal Trainer or just  joining in with group classes, you will find it an enjoyable experience. Team sports and classes can also be a great way to socialise so you can combine training alongside gaining new friends.

So now there are no excuses left, the only question is……………….. When are YOU going to start?

Tristan Sellors- Personal Trainer, Winners 2000 Paignton


About the Author

The posts are written by the Trainers at Winners 2000 Paignton. Mission Satement: Winners 2000 is in business to improve the health and fitness of our members and to make a diffenece in the community. We have gyms in Torquay, Paignton and Newton Abbot.

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