Amazon “Live Chat” Feature Now Available to UK Customers

We’ve been informed that, 5 months after the Live Chat Feature was added to the .co.uk website.
Amazon, revoked the move to Customer Support Live Chat, at the moment, they are thinking that during the Christmas Period, they may bring it back into affect.

Amazon.co.uk Customers are now able to contact Customer Services, even quicker now with their “Live Chat” Feature on the Help pages of Amazon.co.uk.
In April 2010, Amazon.com added the “Live Chat” Feature to their website for faster, and easier customer support services, and you can talk to a real Human. Amazon Prides itsself in being the most Customer Centric Buisness in the world. Where everything is done for/with customers.

Today(3rd May 2011), Officially the Live Chat feature has gone live on the Amazon.co.uk website. We’ve taken a quick look, and we really like it!
It’s faster than using E-mail, However, e-mail reply’s over the past month have been much faster than normal, and Telephone Support – Not everyone likes, because sometimes you’re unable to understand what the customer service agent is saying.

Amazon’s Great Customer service skills are shining through on the Live Chat Feature, and we can see this being the most popular option on the website, the Live chat sadly isn’t open as long as the other support services, but is Open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm.  However, over the next few months, we can see these times being different, and opening longer and on the weekends.

Amzon’s Profits have fallen by Q1 by 13% compared to 2010, However, this was mainly due to the Introduction of the E Book reader – Amazon Kindle.  Amazon have big confidence that in Q2 Amazon’s Profits will rise, and hopefully more and more customers will come to Amazon especially now, that they can ‘Chat’ to a Live Human Customer Service Representative.

Well Done Amazon – Why Not check it out for yourself?


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