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Dissonance are an extremely talented four-piece rock band, hailing from the south west of England. Within a year they have played over one hundred live gigs all over the UK, having gained a reputation as being one of the hardest working, tightest and most energetic live acts around and have built a dedicated following.

Jon Atkins reviews Dissonance:

Epic riffs, mind-blowing solos, and an explosion of energy – this is the combination rock band Dissonance thrust upon me at Blu Cargo in Torquay on Thursday 22nd April, and I loved every second.

The band is made up of Exeter based long term friends Aaron Preston (lead vocals/bass) and Sean Davies (lead guitar), and Teignmouth based brothers John (rhythm guitars/vocals) and Kit (drums/vocals) Hardee.  They have recently produced a 7 track EP called ‘Want it all’ which has some brilliant songs on it, but during their live show, a few great covers make an appearance.  A particular favourite was the Ghostbusters theme, which was sung superbly by the fantastically exuberant Aaron, along with Rage Against the Machine’s surprise Christmas no.1 – Killing in the Name.

Incredible music and vocal harmonies aside (something that was done as well live as it was on their EP), the band is packed full of performers.  One song saw both Sean and John playing huge solos from behind their heads , whilst front man Aaron did not stop jumping around, swinging his guitar all over the place as he slapped out his bass lines.

It is impossible to watch a band throwing this much energy into a performance to not be fuelled with the same drive that makes the Dissonance experience completely un-missable.  On Speaking to Aaron before the set he was full of flu, which leaves me wondering if what I witnessed was a ‘run down’ performance, I can’t imagine how insane a fully fit Aaron would be.

Dissonance have a style all of their own, blending hard rock with melodic harmony vocals, dual guitars, blistering solos and a level of creative ability that belies their age.

Formed in April 2008 from a shared desire to perform and write interesting rock, Aaron and Sean had been working together on projects previously but really came into their own with the addition of John and Kit Hardee who add real depth and creative flare to the band.

Aaron and John met whilst attending a BTECH music course at Exeter College (graduates include Matt Bellamy of Muse). John Hardee and Kit Hardee are brothers who have always played music together for many years. Previous song writing and ideas have been a large part of Dissonance’s music. Vocal harmonies have always come very naturally to them, which sets dissonance apart from the majority of established acts in the same genre. Sean Davies and Aaron Preston have been friends for many years through writing and performing music in various projects, honing their musical skills to a razor edge.

To find out more visit www.myspace.com/dissonanceuk


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