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Spawned from a music lesson at South Devon College, The Iconyx have rapidly developed into a virus that has already spread their ‘new-wave indie beat’ throughout Torbay and is crossing the Southwest like wildfire. Indie has smartened up it’s act. Gone are the scruffy charity-shop rags and the morning-after hair; In are sharp suits and carefully coiffured locks. The band bounce around with their feet together, bending at the knees while smashing out catchy melodies with hook lines that will infect your brain and stay there for days. Frontman George Harris has a unique vocal tone and writes plain english lyrics that strike a chord with adolescent life today. They have been referred to as ‘Blur for a new generation’ by music mags and their debut album is hotly anticipated later this year.

Jon Atkins reviews The Iconyx:

The Iconyx brought a light hearted and upbeat  vibe to Applebys on Friday 16th April which was received with open arms by those present.

This band is absolutely fantastic, strumming out songs that would not be out of place in the charts today.  They have a sound reminiscent of The Kooks, with maybe slightly more of a pop twist.  They played some brilliant originals including ‘Groupie Lucy’ which is a prime example of the easy-on-the-ears kind of music they produce.  This is a great one to dance and sing along to, as are the majority of their songs, and this coupled with their fun, simplistic lyrics makes them very accessible as a band.

The Iconyx, as a package. are superbly presented, George Harris (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) and Matt Featherstone (bass/backing vocals) were both sporting very smart suit jackets with pencil ties, whilst Steve Little (drums/backing vocals) had an equally smart waistcoat on coupled with the tie.  As three good looking, clean cut lads, they cover this angle for the already growing number of female fans, and to satisfy the other  there is Josh Izard (lead guitar).  He successfully ticks the ’bad boy’ box of the group, with no jacket, his top button undone, tie hanging loose, and an unshaven stubble shading his face as he very calmly knocks out an understated solo to add a little bit more to each song.

I was absolutely blown away by how well rounded and professional The Iconyx looked and sounded on Friday.  If they keep doing what they are doing I think they have a great chance of making big things happen.

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