Dave Owen: Combat Area 2

Sensei Dave Owen: Mixed marshal artist, boxing trainer, karate Sensei, personal coach and man not to be messed with!

When I started karate almost 50 years ago, I never imagined that martial arts would develop into such a mainstream sport as it has today. The emergence of the UFC has brought all martial arts into the spotlight, and not always for the better. A true martial artist learns as much about how to carry themselves as they do how to fight. They learn that fighting is really a last resort, a way to defend yours and your family’s safety, your honour and integrity.

“The skills and techniques I will teach you are those I have learnt over 50 years life long  commitment to martial arts and their basic principles. My life has been shaped for the better through the discipline and control martial arts has taught me. I want to pass these skills onto students who want to be the best they can be. You don’t have to want to be a cage fighter to come and train with me. Women, men, children, and ages, are welcome to come and learn with me.”

The fitness and health benefits available from these types of workouts are I believe the best of any workout on the planet. Every single aspect of exercise is covered, everything. Although this is a very tough sport, the amount of contact you receive is your call, you will never be put into a situation where you will be being damaged or hurt for the sake of it. Training is hard, it always will be, but in my dojo, it is controlled with the outcome being to improve my students, not damage them.

JE suis Prest (I am ready), are you?

If your looking to get involved in martial arts, boxing or just want to improve your fitness, you can find all the details about Dave Owen’s Combat Arena 2 including timetables and personal coaching at www.combatarena2.co.uk

Tel: 01803 327561


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