Torbay’s Mayoral Candidate Interviews

People of Torbay, one of these candidates is your future Mayor.

On the 5th of May it lies in your hands to make the decision who that is.

According to the statistics of the last Mayoral election only 24% of Torbay residents came out to vote for their elected Mayor Nick Bye. My personal feeling on the poor turn out is that we the people of Torbay were not well informed enough to make a decision.

We have taken it upon ourselves to video interview all the candidates running for Mayor to give you, the people of Torbay a better understanding of who is running, what they stand for and let you make a more informed decision on who you want running our beautiful towns of Torbay.

TalkTorbay gave each Mayoral candidate one minute to tell the people of Torbay why we should vote for them.  We then followed up with a series of questions, some from the TalkTorbay team, some submitted by our readers. In order to ensure fairness and objectivity, we have organised the candidates in the order that they will be on the ballot paper, they were given the choice of where they wanted to be filmed. Each video is constructed of all candidates answering the same question.

After you have watched all the videos, please vote in our poll at the bottom of the page and tell us who you would vote for based on watching these video interviews. We will publicise the result on voting day and see if it matches the official results!

Q 1: Why should we vote for you? One minute pitch.


Q 2: Which political party, if any, are you standing for and why?


Q 3: What is the first thing you are going to do if elected?


Q 4: What cabinet positions are you going to have and how are you going to select them?


Q 5: Can you explain the alternative vote system and what is your stance on it?


Q 6: Apparently only 15% of Council procurement of goods and services is spent in Torbay, what can you do about this and how are you going to ensure more money stays in the bay?


Q 7: How can the general public contact you regarding their issues in the run up to the election?



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