The Go Expo Line-up!

A brand new interactive exhibition and the ultimate family day out which will bring together the very best of Devon’s outdoor pursuits all under one roof.

30th & 31st May @ Riviera International Conference Centre

The Riviera International Conference Centre have an amazing line-up of activities and demonstrations planned for the Go Expo including a Spider Mountain, Street Surfing, Surf Simulator, Laser Combat Games, Trials Biking, Free-running, Free-riding, Uni-cycling and more.

Keiran Laureston , the event organiser would like everyone to get behind the event and show your support, these are the sort of events that the bay needs to attract much needed tourism. If the event is successful, next year Keiran plans to host kite boarding and surfing competitions on the beach, a half pipe on the tennis courts and entertainment and music through the evening and night!

Streetsurfing Baby!!!!

Street Surfing is a combination of Skateboarding, Snowboarding, and Surfing and is now one of the fastest growing board sports.

Born from the skate and surf mecca of Laguna Beach California, Street Surfing blends the anatomy of all three action sports in one distinctive ride. It is also a great introduction to all board sports. Street Surfing is the best dry-land alternative to surfing or snowboarding and has been used by the British Surf Team and the British Snowboarding team as a dry-land training aid.

Street Surfing UK is committed to educating young people about the physical benefits of alternative sports and runs an extensive schools PE programme in the UK and Ireland. Six million children worldwide have now been taught how to Street Surf with 250,000 taught in the UK alone. Last summer Street Surfing toured the country and visited over 40 major cities and towns offering a free “Surf Anywhere” experience to encourage kids to Get Up and Get Active.

Street Surfing developed the original caster board, “The Wave” and will soon introduce several new models including the new self propelled scooter, “The Whiplash”


Brush Boarding is Back!!!

BrushBoarding is a revolutionary new Multi-board sport X-training activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.User trials included novice and pro riders aged 3-67 years of age.

The Brush ramp is safe and enviromentally friendly, and enhances key skills and fitness needed for all board sports-without needing to get wet!

BrushBoarding builds core strength and fitness while improving balance and co-ordination, in an exciting and innovative way – no room for boardem!

BMX Trial Biking…

Andrei Burton

The Expo will feature Andrei Burton Events who will showcase a spectacular combination of displays, demonstrations and workshops. Andrei Burton is one of the top elite trials riders from the UK. He is the Guinness world record holder for the most 180˚ jumps in one minute, and is spearheading the bid to make Trials riding an Olympic demonstration sport for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Also see post http://talktorbay.com/andrei-burton-go-expo-2010 for our photoshoot


Charlie Eastwood

Charlie specialises in Parkour which is a combination of gymnastics and Free-Running. Charlie started doing gymnastics at a young age, traning at a high level for up to 20 hours a week. Competed in Team Gymnastics and won the British Championships three years running, he travelled around the world with his team to perform displays. He stopped training to work at a leisure centre teaching Trampolining and Gymnastics for all ages and abilities. Then he turned his talents to Parkour and Free-running after meeting Micheal Preston and is enjoying the freedom and exercise that this extreme sport brings. Both Charlie and Micheal decied to form a team now know as Team Invision to shoicase the sport of Free Running as well as possible. The team is growing with great young talent in both Gymnastics and freerunning. Team Invision now works closely with Andrei Burton Events and they are growing quickly and encouraging active, healthy lifestyles together.

Free Running…

  • Name: Michael Preston A.K.A Jungle
  • Age: 23
  • Hometown: Orpington
  • Skill performed in Show: Free-Running
  • How long have you been working in your profession: 5 Years
  • What Training have you had: No background training, Just what i’ve learnt
  • What inspired you to do what you do: The challenge. I’ve always been inspired by what the human body can achieve with the right training, then pushing it that much further.
  • Best memory of performing: The adrenaline during every show.
  • Whats the worst job you’ve done: Never had a worst job.
  • Favourite trick: The Corkscrew
  • What are your goals: To become a stuntman or performing professionally full time
  • Who are your heroes: Jackie Chan, David Belle, Sebastion Foucon
  • Do you have any formal training: Nope
  • Do you have any other hobbies or pastimes: Chess would you believe it, and Cards are always fun. Chilling on the Xbox when I can.
  • Do you do any other physical training: Rock Climbing, Trampolining, Gymnastics
  • How often do you train and for how long: As often as possible, for as long as possible
  • Whats your favourite film: Rumble in the Bronx, tho most films with Mr J Chan
  • Whats your favourite meal: Dont really have one
  • Favourite music: Rock, Metal
  • If you weren’t doing what you do what would you be: Bored, Very very bored
  • Tell us a secret about yourself: I value happyness, Fun and friends more then earning big wads of cash


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  1. Nick Ellison says:

    Spent the whole day at the Go Expo today. Excellent day, great show from Andrie Burton and the team! One day left, monday 31st May. Get down there, £6 on the door!

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