Happy Chappy, Sends Smiles Across the UK!

A Local man, ‘Moses Peters’ who sits between Torquay and Paignton virtually every day, to ‘spread the joy and happiness’, has made National Newspapers this week. This happy chap can be found just outside the ‘Livermead House Hotel – Torquay’, or on a bench on the junction at ‘Wheatridge Lane’, rain or shine, and he’s made thousands happy, just by Sitting there, and waving at the passing cars.

Moses Peters - The happy chappy.

Little else is know about Moses Peters, He’s a ‘too himself’ kind of person, just there to ‘Spread some happiness’.
When we asked ‘why’, he simply replied ‘Because I want to spread some happiness across Torbay, to give people that smile that we’ve all got inside of us, but don’t always use’.

And his message seems to be getting across, with many people looking out for him when travelling along that road and smiling and waving back in return. Many were tooting their car horns and showing their appreciation for what he does.

A Facebook Page has even been set up in support of him – http://tiny.cc/mosespeters

Sometimes all it takes to make a difference is a smile !

Moses Peters - Image taken from a Fan whilst in their car.



Bench where Moses Peters Sits, Junction at Wheatridge Lane, Torquay


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  1. nick says:

    He just waved this morning, actually the first time I’ve seen him! Fully dressed like a wizard, full purple gown and stick, awesome!

  2. A B says:

    some of us pass the ‘ white wizard ‘ every day and i must say fair play 2him for spreading a little joy on these now cold mornings. i always give him a beep beep !!

  3. Lee Thomas says:

    He is a Complete legend. I See him EVERY Day at 6pm.
    He Always says hello, although was a little upset, he wasn’t there yesterday, But I was a bit later!

    Does anyone know what time he gets there, and what time he leaves>?!

  4. A B says:

    GUTTED !! this morning he wasn’t in his normal spot ( it was 7.45am ) lol then i only passed the same spot around 12ish and didn’t see him there again ! do you think he stops for lunch ???

  5. Lee Thomas says:

    I Didn’t even realise he was there in the mornings!!
    I normally see him in the evening, on my way to work!

    Will be driving past in about 45 minuets, So Will let you all know when back from work if he was there or not….

    Maybe it’s because Winter is upon us, and it’s getting a bit cold..

  6. Lee Thomas says:

    He was just leaving at 6.20pm today!
    He was limping, Does anyone know if he’s okay?

  7. A B says:

    He’s been waving for a no12 bus to stop for months ! dont know if that has anything to with his limp

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