Here Comes The Season of the LBD…

If you’re male, you probably won’t understand what the term “LBD season” means.

LBD (Little Black Dress) season is that time of year full of social commitments, formal balls and Christmas parties.

For a lot women out there this can be a stressful because of not having the figure they really want to show off.  I’ve learnt from my female clients over the past 4 years that a lot of consideration goes into getting the look just right – usually with the sole aim of making other people pay attention (that good looking man who works in the next department) or just plain jealous (ex boyfriends, current girlfriends of ex boyfriends).

With around 6 weeks to go till LBD season hits its peak, I wanted to share my best tips for helping you get into the best shape possible for looking and feeling great over the party season and into the new year.

  1. CUT OUT ANY SUGAR. If want to really get in shape fast AND stay healthy long-term you need to cut out any sources of sugary or refined carbohydrates (biscuits, bread, cake, soft drinks, fruit juice) and reduce your overall intake of carbs. Sugary carbohydrates increase your production of Insulin – which will reek havoc with your energy levels and encourage your body to store fat.
  2. MEAT AND NUTS FOR BREAKFAST. No sniggering! despite the obvious double meaning, this is my favourite recommendation for my clients. The protein in the meat will produce neurotransmitters for your brain to work effectively all day and the nuts will provide healthy fats to regulate blood sugar and energy levels. So ditch the crappy cereal and soy milk and start getting results!
  3. EXERCISE REGULARLY – but watch out for doing hours of endless cardio on machines – after about 6 -8 weeks its effectiveness is helping you burn fat is drastically diminished as your body has adapted to it. Get into a well balanced resistance and interval style cardio programme designed to increase lactic acid. Lactic acid is a pre-cursor for growth hormone, which despite its name, will help you get smaller by stimulating the cells in your body to burn off more energy in the form of fat.
  4. DON’T DRINK CAFFEINE after 12pm. Ideally I would say cut out all caffeine as it can interfer with you body’s ability to handle stress effectively. But if you must have coffee or tea – go for Organic versions, as non-organic versions can contain xenoestrogens that ruin your hormonal imbalances and cause you to store fat around the thighs and bum.
  5. DRINK MORE WATER. Aim for 3 litres a day of good quality filtered water. My best recommendation here is to filter tap water and take it with you in a stainless steel container as plastic bottles can leech substances into the water that contain xenoestrogens.
  6. EAT GREEN VEG BY THE TON. Green veg, especially those in the cruciferous family (broccoli, kale , watercress ) are high in a natural substance called Indole-3-carbinol which helps your body manage estrogen levels and will help you lose any excess fat you have.
  7. TAKE OMEGA-3 FISH OILS. The vast majority of people are woefully deficient in healthy fats. Omega-3 fats contain two fatty acids EPA and DHA. EPA will help with any inflammation and water retention issues, while DHA will help with mood and fatigue.
  8. SUPPLEMENT WITH DIM – if you tend to store fat around the thighs and bum – this is usually an indicator that estrogen levels are too high, which will hamper your efforts to get LBD ready. DIM is  a great supplement to help combat high estrogen levels.
  9. CHECK YOUR BEAUTY PRODUCTS – for anything containing parabens. Usually occurring in the form of Methyl-paraben, they can be found in moisturisers, shaving gels and shampoos. Again these are a source of xenoestrogens which will throw your hormones out of balance.

These tips will help you to take better control of the hormones that effect your abilities to burn fat, improve your health and face the LBD season with confidence!

About Brian
Brian is an aspiring strength and health coach, having worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer since 2006.

If you would like to arrange a nutritional, lifestyle or training consultation to help you achieve your training and health goals, please email brian@brianellicott.com or visit his website www.brianellicott.com

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About the Author

Brian is an aspiring strength and health coach, having worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer since 2006.

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