Nite-Rider Extended, For Better or For Worse?

The Popular Nite-Rider Scheme which started off in Torbay by Torbay Council Youth Service, which gave 16-19 year olds, Unlimited Travel on any Stagecoach Bus in Torbay from 6pm-10.30pm, for £1 has been discontinued the Torbay Council Parternship.
Stagecoach South West Found the Nite-Rider scheme to be very sucessful, and have made some edits themself, now charging £2 for unlimied travel on ANY Stagecoach Bus in the South West, from 7pm until the last service, this went live on 1st May 2011.

Stagecoach South West Manager did not want to speak to us regarding the price increase to the NIte-Rider scheme, However, a Customer Service Rep at The Paignton Bus Station, say – It’s a better advantage for young people, being able to get on any bus within the South West.

We spoke to a few Young People in Torbay and asked their opinion on the Prince Increase.

Lisa Allen, Young Person from Paignton Said “It’s a Joke, what a rip off – £2,  for a few hours of travel, Maybe if they started at 5pm, until the last service it might be alright – But, you might as well get a DayRider and travel all day”.

The Torbay Day Riders were also another ticket which had a price increase of 20p to £4.70 for a Days Unlimited Travel in Torbay.

Anouska Andriunas & Sophia Djerkallis from Facebook told us “7pm is far too late, I don’t understand why they couldn’t;t just leave it from 6pm”

Gaz Lad, Also from Facebook said “I think it’s absolutely crazy, they should keep it at £1 from 5pm until 10.30pm, that’s fair because Teenagers find it hard to keep using this amount of money. Bus Fairs have become unbelievably high in cost. What happened to people caring and supporting the community without being money grabbing people”?

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  1. stacey says:

    Great, So now it’s increased in price and restricted in service. I’ve never supported bus travel but for £1 late at night ok. I’m not prepared to pay £4 for two journeys on two separate nights I’d rather take the 40mile hike.

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